Peter Magowan, Former Giants President, Among Romney's Top Bay Area Donors

Californians would have loved 2002 Mitt Romney. That guy was the bleeding heart who pushed universal health care in his state; the conservationist who would attack a coal plant by saying “I will not create jobs that kill people!”; a man who signed a Planned Parenthood candidate questionnaire affirming his support for “the substance of the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade.”

Even if you didn't like him then, it appears that many California Republicans like Mitt Romney now. Just two months from the June 5th primary election, Romney is starting to run away from the pack. Recent polls show him leading Santorum by 20 points in California, which is about a 15-point jump from where he was in February.
After Romney won primaries in Maryland, D.C., and Wisconsin this week, the only question seems to be whether the former Massachusetts governor will be able to accumulate the 1,444 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination before the Republican National Convention in July. California's 172 delegates — the most in the contest — would provide a useful boost.
So would a few bucks from the state's deep-pocketed populace.

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