Phil Bronstein, Chron Editor, Was “Duped” by Illegal Immigrant Jose Antonio Vargas

Phil Bronstein has many names for Jose Antonio Vargas, the former Chronicle editorial assistant who came out as an illegal immigrant yesterday in the New York Times. Among them are “lawbreaker,” “hustler,” and finally “friend.”

The Chron's editor-in-chief seemed more than a little torn about how to classify the former employee who fooled him nearly 10 years ago when he got a job with the Chron while studying at San Francisco State.

The headline on Bronstein's online column today seems to go for the jugular: “I was duped by Jose Vargas, illegal immigrant.” Bronstein goes on to say, “Jose lied to me and everyone else he worked for, and that's not kosher,

especially in a profession where facts and, more elusively, the truth

are considered valuable commodities.”

Bronstein took issue with the fact that Vargas had written about men on Mission Street who sell fake driver's licenses, when Vargas had used a fake address in Oregon to get his own.

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