Phil Bronstein, Chronicle Editor, Discovers MS-13 Trial

When you're Phil Bronstein, all other members of the media are mere gnats. Perhaps so insignificant as to be rendered invisible.  

The Chronicle's editor-at-large writes in his column today about the ongoing federal trial of members of MS-13 — Mara Salvatrucha, or “Salvadoran Gang” — as if he were the lone adventurer at the heart of gangster darkness: “I was virtually alone among the spectators in the cavernous San

Francisco federal courtroom the last few weeks where the MS-13 trial is

taking place.”

Maybe the Chronicle should run a clarification, because when SF Weekly sat in on the trial last week, we noticed reporters from the Wall Street Journal and San Francisco Examiner, as well as a phalanx of federal agents, attorney investigators, and court marshals.

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