Phil Ting Launches Slick New 'Reset S.F.' Site — But Not to Bolster Mayoral Run. Right?

Perhaps it's a bit of a simplification, but the city's assessor-recorder has two jobs: assessing and recording. So it came as a bit of a surprise when assessor-recorder Phil Ting launched a handsome new website, “Reset San Francisco,” which purports to gather readers' civil input on non-assessing/recording matters such as transportation, education, the environment, and public safety.

“Reset San Francisco is designed to accomplish something that no one else has done – engaging San Franciscans to find solutions to the city's challenges in a constructive way without the yelling, the finger pointing and the blaming,” writes Ting in an entreaty to would-be users of his nascent website. “Making real change is going to take more than old-fashioned politics. It is going to take a new way of looking at problems.”

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