Phil Ting's Assembly Bid Isn't So Boring After All

Of all the do-gooders at San Francisco City Hall (what few are left), County Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting would be the very last person we'd expect to see caught up in nefarious politicking. We're talking about a man who got upstaged by Lenny the Service Dog, a guy who thinks Long Island Iced Teas are craaaaaazy good.

Still, there are people out there who believe Ting isn't entirely straight-laced, especially when it come to running a clean campaign. Jim Reilly, an active supporter of Ting's opponent, Michael Breyer, is accusing Ting of illegally using taxpayer money to fund his own state Assembly campaign. According to the complaint, filed with the Ethics Commission, Ting funneled monies from his 2011 mayoral campaign to pay for his 2012 Assembly campaign.

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