Photos Capture Eerie Scenes as Huge Wildfire Rages Near Lake Berryessa

A massive wildfire is rampaging through Napa and Solano Counties, just south of Lake Berryessa. According to the Chronicle, the conflagration has already charred 6,000 acres since yesterday. Early this morning, breezy conditions fanned the flames even further, bringing out about 500 firefighters who are now struggling to contain the blaze and save some 200 structures. One house already burned.

The Chronicle reports that the communities of Quali Ridge and Golden Bear are under mandatory evacuation orders, and Highway 128 remains shut down. While fire investigators initially attributed the blaze to a vehicle that caught on fire after a collision, they now say the cause is still being looked into. Drought conditions and gusty winds made a perfect tinderbox for the inferno to spread.

Those near Lake Berryessa have taken to Instagram to share eerie (sometimes almost apocalyptic-looking) photos of the wildfire: 


Check out more photos here.

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