Pissed: City Hall Urinator Draws Hardly a Glance

It's hard to get noticed in San Francisco. This city is so well-stocked with individuals, it's probably easiest to stand out by conforming. This kind of logic made 1960s sci-fi robots explode while saying “Does not compute, does not compute” in a tinny voice. But that's how it computes here.

In any event, here's a charming gent captured at 6:42 p.m. last Thursday by ace photographer Jim Herd. As you can see, this fellow has chosen to relieve himself in full view of City Hall — and in full view of a disapproving cyclist riding, illegally, on the sidewalk.

Since this is San Francisco, perhaps you noticed the illegal cycling before the micturition. That's what comes of spending time here. Several City Hall denizens helped us come up with some other examples of odd behavior in or near the building:

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