Pit Bull That Killed Darla Napora Got Loose from Backyard While Officer Kept Watch

Gunner got loose before he was shot to death. ​Police defend their response.

Gunner, the pit bull who allegedly mauled a pregnant woman to death Thursday, escaped from the backyard while an officer was posted to keep an eye on it, Pacifica Police Captain Dave Bertini told SF Weekly.

When police responded to the house on a suburban street in Pacifica, Napora's husband, Greg, told officers that the dog was in a back room. Bertini says the officers discovered that the room's sliding door was open, and the dog had gone into the backyard. Bertini, who was on the scene, says he posted an officer at the back fence to ensure the dog didn't get out while animal care officers were on their way. 
But 10 to 15 minutes after the police first responded, “the gate came open. Whether it was the wind or the dog hit the latch, it came out from the backyard in the driveway and toward the front yard,” Bertini says.
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