Plane Crash Scare Turns Into Homemade Submarine Rescue

Firefighters came to the Emeryville Marina expecting a downed plane and reportedly found a graduate student's Captain America submarine.

Alameda County first responders rushed to the Emeryville Marine on Sunday expecting to rescue survivors of a downed plane. Instead, they found an abandoned homemade submarine reportedly made by a graduate student. 

The Alameda County Fire Department announced that it could see some sort of large object in the water from its fire station and dispatched a rescue boat around 12:40 p.m. Sunday. Fortunately, only a homemade boat — not a stranded pilot — needed rescuing.

The body of the floating submarine is bright yellow, painted blue at the tip and has a hatch presumably modeled after Captain America’s shield. To add even more patriotism, the sides are painted with the country’s stars and stripes.

In March, Berkelyside posted a picture of U.C. Santa Cruz Ph.D. candidate Shanee Stopnitzky inside a similar-looking submarine but with a fresher paint job. The watercraft found Sunday is tagged and its registration info is up to date, according to the fire department.

Emeryville police haven’t confirmed the link so there’s still hope that Chris Evans might toss aside the record-breaking Avengers: Infinity War and come to claim the submarine as his.


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