4/20: Psychedelics Commodified + Secret Sidewalk

Shrooms on dispensary shelves? Making a regional park out of a 'secret' stoner destination? It could all happen soon.

It’s 4/20, mannn… In the spirit of getting high, we talk about our latest cover story, “The Commodification of Psychedelics,” with Peter Astrid-Kane. As substances like magic mushrooms, LSD, and DMT become more mainstream, what is gained and what is lost?

Also, Nick and Kevin take a trip (down Memory Lane) back to Niles Canyon and the Secret Sidewalk. The large cement structure running through the hills east of Fremont is actually an old aqueduct managed by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.

For generations, teens and young adults have trekked out to the spot to explore, rip the bong, and engage in mostly harmless mischief. Now, the local government is finally doing something about it: they’re thinking about turning it into a legit park.

And so, again, we ask the question: when a place or thing that is significant to the counter culture is legitimized and made mainstream, what is gained and what is lost?

Join us!

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