Ghost Stories: ‘Haunted Bay’ + ‘Witching Tree’

This week we catch up with a local paranormal investigator and learn about a spooky tree up in Sonoma County.

OooOooOooOoo! It’s the first ever Halloween episode of the SF Weekly Podcast. It’s also our 21st installment, which means our young ‘cast is now old enough to drink. Too bad all the bars are closed.

This week we have SF Weekly Staff Writer Grace Li interviewing Ying Liu, a local woman with a passion for the paranormal. The third season of Ying’s local ghost hunting show, “The Haunted Bay,” is available on Amazon Prime.

And, we also have a ghost story — “The Witching Tree” by Mike Schneberg — a curious tale of dendrophilia set in Sonoma County’s Armstrong Woods.

Oh! And we don’t talk politics on this one… well… except to say that Florida voters should take care to stab those hanging chads to death.

Join us!


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