Keith Knight is ‘Woke’ + City Hall Snowflakes

The former 'SF Weekly' cartoonist discusses his new Hulu show on this week's podcast.

Syndicated cartoonist Keith “Keef” Knight got his start at SF Weekly back in the ’90s. Now, he is the co-creator of the new Hulu sitcom “Woke” — about a Black illustrator waking up to societal ills in San Francisco. We talk with Kieth about the show, his career, and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Also on the podcast, SF Weekly contributor Veronica Irwin checks in on San Francisco’s Cannabis Equity Program — finding that while the initiative means well, it is still not reaching the people it intends to help.

Plus: Nick and Kevin fold space-time to find the connection between an unauthorized advertisement for a San Mateo cloud computing company projected on the side of City Hall and the Terence McKenna lecture series they used to listen to on tape while smoking weed back in the day.

Oh… and the SF Weekly Podcast is now available in the Google Play store. Sorry for lagging on that.

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