SF Weekly Podcast: Pride is a Riot (of Color)

The 'Colorist' movement, Sagittaire, and the LGBTQ community's tumultuous history.

This week’s Pride-focused podcast we talk with Staff Writer Benjamin Schneider, who wrote this week’s cover story on the history of San Francisco’s brightly colored Victorian homes. In his reporting he discovered that the architectural trend has roots in hippiedom and the LGBTQ community. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows, though.

“Like any San Francisco story, it’s a complicated one, clouded by racism, homophobia, and big money,” he writes.

Also on the podcast: Ivan Mairesse — a.k.a. Sagittaire — talks about his new album, “Lovely Music,” and Nuala Bishari gives us the rundown on the “Pride is a Riot” demonstration.

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