SF Weekly Podcast: Return of the ‘Cast

We discuss shooting photos, political organizing and teaching during the pandemic.

The second episode of the SF Weekly podcast is here. This week we chat with our intrepid photo editor, Kevin N. Hume, about covering San Francisco in the midst of a pandemic and getting comfortable being shoulder-to-shoulder with demonstrators, despite the risks posed by COVID-19.

We also speak with Chiara Bercu, who wrote this week’s cover story on the ways social justice organizers have adapted to shelter-in-place orders by leaning on digital technologies. The surprising takeaway: the novel coronavirus may have actually helped them increase access and become more inclusive.

Finally, we have a conversation with Will Vincent, a middle school English teacher from Oakland. Beginning in March, Vincent got a crash course in Gen Z culture, as he made the shift to distance learning, using tools like YouTube Live, Zoom, and a hip-hop vocabulary program called… uh… Flocabulary.

Join us!

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