The Yay Area’s Proud History of Sideshows

The nightly news paints sideshows as a nightmare for homeowners... it's more complex than that.

Tell ’em where to goooooooooo! In the past 14 months, Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco have seen a surge in sideshows — much to the chagrin of the over 30 professional crowd (and especially dog owners).

Law enforcement and politicians have responded with measures aimed at shutting down the impromptu (and illegal) expressions of modern American car culture.

But what if there were another way? Staff writer Veronica Irwin joins us to discuss what she discovered when reporting this story. Hint: the most effective solution doesn’t necessarily involve special task forces and punitive public policy.

Also: Kevin chastises Nick — reminding him how lucky he is to be alive after attempting his own sideshow maneuver back in his mid-20s.

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