Total Recall: Gov. Gavin + Muni’s Money Woes

The follicle-fueled frenzy to recall Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Nick isn’t really conspiratorially minded, but he sure is vain… and he finds it hard to resist a good head of hair. As such, he explains, while the impetus for the Gov. Gavin Newsom recall can certainly be traced to high taxes, there is another, far more simple school-yard-bully principle at play: jealousy.

And so, he implores his listeners to follow the advice Hal Holbrook’s Deep Throat gave to Robert Redford’s Bob Woodward in that atmospherically lit parking garage: “Follow the hair.”

Speaking of conspiracy theories, we also dissect the numerology behind the latest QAnon nothingburger of March 4 and take a look at the latest in the militarization of American police. Yeah… The NYPD got one of those “Black Mirror” robodogs. Eeesh.

All this, plus Benjamin Schneider explains what the hell is wrong with Muni.

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