Police Chief Asks 49ers Fans Not to Beat, Kill Each Other at Sunday's Game

Football is a sport notorious for causing life-long injuries  — and we're not only talking about the players. Fans can be just as brutal, as evidenced by the barbaric behavior we saw during the 49ers and Raiders pregame showdown at Candlestick Park earlier this year.

So we think it's fair to say that Police Chief Greg Suhr would be negligent if he didn't advise fans to keep their cool when the New York Giants come to town this weekend for the NFC Championship Game.

That means no punching, biting, slapping, kicking — and c'mon, don't shoot each other.

“The only upset that I'd like to bring a Giants fan is to send them home with at least one point less on the scoreboard than the 49ers,” Suhr told reporters.

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