Police Chief Blames San Francisco Gang For Crime Wave — In Hawaii

Honolulu police chief Boisse Correa — who has probably endured his fill of “Book 'em Boisse” jokes — would like to append the old ditty “I Left My Heart in San Francisco.” He'd like visitors to his fair city to leave their Coke and Ecstacy here, too.

The chief — who does not comb his hair like Jack Lord, incidentally — blamed a recent spike in violent crime in Honolulu's Chinatown on San Francisco gangmembers who are tangling with the locals over the drug trade.

“A gang that's come in from San Francisco, Calif. and they're fighting

over turf on who will distribute certain type of drugs and who will

take control of certain types of activities in the downtown area,”

Correa was quoted as saying on KITV Hawaii television (it is unclear if the chief actually said “Calif.” or if this was an addition from a copy editor on the station's Web site — who didn't bother to correct Correa's ungrammatical sentence). 

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