Police 'Pedestrian Sting' Scheduled for Wednesday — Inconsiderate Bastard Drivers Advised to Reform … Or Repent

Sssh! Don't let just anybody know, but San Francisco Police are planning a “pedestrian sting” Wednesday morning on portions of Sloat Boulevard.

Plainclothes cops will, in the the police bulletin's own subtly humorous words, “attempt to cross the street in crosswalks without being run over by speeding motorists.” Hope that goes well.

Continuing, “Motorists who fail to yield to these pedestrians will be cited by uniformed police officers.”

While it's not our policy to blow the cops' cover, two factors are in play here:

1. They put this in a police bulletin, and;

2. If folks used a little more caution when speeding down Sloat, we'd all be better off.

Hey, let's be careful out there. 

Photo   |   Cliff1066

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