Police Recover Outfits of Olympic Figure Skater

And no, this isn't a continuation of the Tonya Harding saga.

An Olympic figure skater’s visit to San Francisco that ended someone stealing her suitcase has been redeemed.

In a Jan. 8 car burglary, a suitcase of American skater Marissa Castelli’s figure skating dresses and ice skates were stolen, police say Wednesday. The robbery took place on the 1600 block of Webster Street, where the Japan Center is.  

The San Francisco Police Department Investigations Bureau, burglary unit, and Central station personnel recovered the items on Sunday. Police say this is part of a larger strategy to reduce car burglaries.

Castelli’s hand-made costumes cost about $1,000 to make, she told KGO. Police are in the process of returning the items, they say.

It may be too late for I, Tonya to add this as a plot point, but another figure skating drama can surely incorporate it.

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