UPDATE: Police Surround Armed Man in Sunset Home

The N-Judah line is affected by the activity at 30th Avenue and Judah Street.

Police activity blocked off Judah Street Wednesday afternoon, with the N-Judah line immediately affected.

Police responded to a call around noon today regarding a man with a gun in a building on 30th Avenue and Judah streets, sending away pedestrians and vehicles. As of 2 p.m., the department’s hostage and negotiation team are attempting to coax him out of the building.

There are no other individuals identified as being in the man’s vicinity. He was speaking to a friend, who alerted the police, according to police spokesperson Officer Robert Reuca. 

“We don’t know the nature of what’s causing his crisis but we’re trying to assess that as we speak and trying to have him speak with us,” Rueca says. “So we’re asking the public to avoid the area.”

This also applies to Muni, which alerted riders on Twitter that it would be switching inbound N-Judah at Sunset Avenue and outbound at 19th Avenue. Shuttle buses will operate for support.

UPDATE: As of 4:45 p.m., the situation is ongoing. SFMTA advises using 29-Sunset on Lincoln Boulevard as an alternative while a gap in shuttle service occurs.

UPDATE, 8/23: The man came out of the building without incident at 5:15 a.m on Thursday, according to police spokesperson Officer Joseph Tomlinson. He was sent to the hospital for evaluation and the weapon was removed from his home.

Shortly after, the shelter in place was lifted and by 7 a.m., SFMTA announced that the N-Judah resumed regular service.

But N-Judah riders still couldn’t catch a break this morning. Just before 10 a.m., an inbound train stalled at 22nd Avenue and Judah Street for roughly 10 minutes due a mechanical issue.  

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