Poll: Bay Area Women Think McCain would be a Sneaky Boyfriend

Is this who you want dating your mother?

By Lauren Smiley

Surprise! While our fair city by the bay prides itself on its progressive politics, it seems when it comes to its sexual yearnings towards the presidential candidates, we more or less line-up with rest of the country. The single events website FastLife.com released their very unscientific “dateability” survey results this week on the presidential candidates, and the company was kind enough to separate out the San Francisco stats for the Snitch.

Of course, the whole thing should be taken with even less than a grain of salt: the survey pool was included about 1,000 respondents nationwide, with a mere 73 in San Francisco. And even those 73 didn't have to live within the city 's limits, just nearer to it than any other major city, which means there could be people from Fresno masquerading as San Franciscans.

But when have the shortcomings of polls ever stopped pundits from analyzing their results? Never! So, here goes some more: Strangely enough, SF men agreed to the exact percentage point with men nationwide regarding their attraction to Sarah Palin — with 25 percent saying she turns them on. With that nasal voice? It seems that no matter how much the “Drill, baby, drill” line may have disgusted progressive men on a political level, it sent their libidos through the roof. Other findings: San Francisco men were a bit more likely than the national average to aspire to be like Obama, but less likely to want the Democratic candidate as a father figure. San Francisco men were also much more likely to want John McCain to date their mother.

As for the women, San Francisco females are more likely to want to have a long-term relationship with Obama than women in other parts of the country, but slightly more likely than the national average to want to have a one-night stand with McCain. It must be the comb-over: the thrill only lasts one night. Surprisingly enough, San Francisco females find Barack Obama less sexy than women nationwide, yet were more inclined to describe him as a “steady, stable, and reliable boyfriend.”

Check out the results below:

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