Pool Proposed for the Embarcadero

The Port’s preferred redevelopment plan for Piers 30-32 would include a swimming and kayaking area in the Bay, similar to Aquatic Park.

Where today people are getting tested for COVID-19, in the future they may be chilling in a swimming pool carved out of the Bay. 

It could happen if city leaders agree with the Port of San Francisco’s preferred plan for the redevelopment of Piers 30-32 and seawall lot 330 across The Embarcadero. The plan would split the piers, creating a swimming and kayaking area in between, according to renderings revealed by the Chronicle. 

The Port reportedly selected this plan, from developers Strada Partners and Trammel Crow, because it includes lots of housing: 850 total units, 25 percent of which would be affordable. The housing would be built on the inland side, where the controversial Embarcadero navigation center currently stands. That navigation center was always intended to be temporary. 

The life aquatic at Piers 30-32 (Photo: Strada Partners and Trammel Crow)

Not so long ago, the Warriors hoped to build their stadium on Piers 30-32, before opting for the Mission Bay site where Chase Center now stands. The piers — essentially a giant parking lot — have sat empty since 1984, occasionally springing into action to host things like COVID-19 testing. 

Instead of the splash brothers, the old piers could get a bunch of amateur splashers. If reality at all conforms to the renderings, the new development might turn out something like a downtown, Bay-side version of Aquatic Park, or the late, great Sutro Baths

With the words “San Francisco” and “waterfront” and “development” appearing in the same sentence, we can’t reasonably expect all this to happen anytime soon. But hey, with each passing year, the city will get a little bit warmer, making that inaugural dip all the sweeter.

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