Popular Tenderloin Police Commander to Step Down

San Francisco Police Captain Gary Jimenez, who oversees the crime-plagued Tenderloin district, has announced that he will step down next month as Tenderloin station commander. He will be replaced by Dominic Celaya, a former lieutenant at Mission police station, whose promotion to captain was recently announced by SFPD Chief George Gascon.

Jimenez announced the move via a terse paragraph in his latest community newsletter. He said he will be taking on a new job as a “night supervising captain” in the operations bureau. He offered no explanation for the move, although it is common knowledge that the newly arrived Gascon is in the middle of a shakeup of the SFPD brass.

As captain of the Tenderloin station, Jimenez was well-liked by residents of the beleaguered district and developed a reputation for candor with neighborhood leaders and the press. But he was unable to staunch the rampant drug dealing and violence that consumes the Tenderloin. One of Gascon's first publicity stunts during his tenure as SFPD chief was to conduct a high-profile sweep of Jimenez's district that netted hundreds of low-level drug arrests.

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