Pot? Check. Taxes. Check. Step Three: Profit.

San Jose took a step toward welcoming medical cannabis into its fair city on Tuesday night — 14 years after state voters approved medical cannabis, six months after pot clinics began sprouting up in Northern California's largest city and about five months after a city council member openly declared the cash-strapped burg ought to do something about it all: namely, start taxing.

Via a 7-3 vote last night, the council essentially said, “Yes, we ought to do something about it, and we will — in June, when city staff comes back to us with a regulation and taxation plan that they'll spend the next few months concocting.” Not exactly words to foment a revolution — but for those who'd like to see green generating green in San Jose, it's a good day. “San Jose took a pragmatic step,” Councilmember Pierluigi Oliverio said Wednesday. “We said, 'We want a limited number of dispensaries in limited places, and we want them taxed.'”

Pot? Check. Taxes. Check. Step three: Profit.


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