Pot Grows on File: Bill to Force Medical Marijuana Users to Register with the State

Whatever scent you may detect on street corners on a sunny day in the Mission, know this: Marijuana users aren't exactly out of the closet. The city's medical marijuana activist groups continue to struggle to organize and turn out supporters, who have proven less than eager to go public.

Folks who use medical marijuana legally in California do so with nothing more than a note from a doctor (a recommendation to use medical cannabis; the oft-misused term “card” is merely a laminated representation thereof). An optional state ID card program has proved to be unpopular: The state has fewer than 10,000 users who paid the extra $103 for a state-sanctioned card, according to an Associated Press report released on Sunday.

But this could change if a South Bay assemblywoman has her way. All medical marijuana users would be required to register with the state under legislation proposed by San Jose Assemblywoman Nora Campos, who is taking it one step further: Anyone who plans on cultivating cannabis would have to fess up to this, and provide details about where they want to grow. That information would then be added to the registry on file with the state.

Guess who's growing pot? The state can tell you!

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