Pot Initiative All But Certain to Qualify for November Ballot

Math and Marijuana may not go together like chocolate and peanut butter — though chocolate, peanut butter, and pot go together great. But if you do the math, it appears virtually certain that the “Control and Tax Cannabis Initiative” circulated by Oaksterdam University will get the signatures it needs to become the coolest ballot measure since Prop 215 in 1996.

Here are the numbers — which look good if you're a pot enthusiast. The initiative needs 433,971 signatures to qualify. So far, California counties have verified roughly 400,000 signatures, and Los Angeles County will release its verified signature total by the end of today.

Across the state, 67 percent of the signatures Oaksterdam gathered turned out to be valid, said spokeswoman Salwa Ibrahim. They collected 170,000 signatures in L.A. County. So, unless Oaksterdam's percentage of valid signers drops from its previous clip of 67 percent to less than 25 percent, it ought to get the 40,000-odd signatures it needs.

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