Pot Wars On Stanyan: The Case Of The Stoners Next Door

An interesting case of my-neighbor-is-an incorrigible-stoner has popped up over at Curbed SF:

” … the apartment next door is a total hash den, and I can barely stand it anymore. It's 4:20 every hour, and the smoke just seeps through walls, I swear.”

The call for advice has elicited the predictably polarized reactions among commenters, ranging from “call the FEDS” to “either suck it up and deal with it, or move.” It is important to note that the apartment dweller in question lives on Stanyan Street in the Haight, a notoriously stoney SF hood, and likewise — let's face facts here folks — should have known. As another commenter puts it: “Just walk down Stanyan and you'll get a contact high.”

Call me naive, but I don't think the feds are going to come knocking down doors because someone doesn't like to smell of doobies. And forget police intervention, because — don't forget — marijuana offenses are the SFPD's “lowest priority.” (via Curbed SF)

— Brian Bernbaum

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