Pride Rides: Leno, Mirkarimi Give Shout-Out to City Car Share, Daly Gives Us The Finger

Yesterday we began answering the eternal question: If a tree fell in the forest and no one was there to hear it — what kind of cars would your elected representatives ride in Sunday's Pride Parade?

Our personal favorite thus far is Supervisor Eric Mar (and six other guys) riding on a seven-seat bicycle. Our second favorite, though is a tie between Senator Mark Leno and Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi. Both are showing some love to City Car Share — Leno will be in a pickup truck while Mirkarimi took pains to reserve the Mini convertible. Mirkarimi hopes to have a small army of marchers with him — he's joined forces with the official Green Party contingent. Sadly, however, City Car Share's Mini won't join the Party: “We asked if they had a green one for St. Patrick's Day,” said Rick Galbreath, Mirkarimi's legislative aide. “It's just in red.”

Also, it's Galbreath who is using his account to rent the car — so if the Department of Parking and Traffic puts the boot on it, you got the wrong man!

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