Pride Rides: The Mayor's Convoy, The Public Defender's Truck, The Assessor's Last-Minute Call — and a Big Surprise From Eric Mar

Answers are trickling in from our elected officials on how they plan on cruising at this weekend's Pride Parade. Starting at the top, Mayor Gavin Newsom takes the same approach with vehicles as he does with spokesmen — if one is good, then more is great!

A letter from staunch Newsom supporter and District 6 supervisor candidate David Villa-Lobos disseminates info from the mayor's office to the hundreds of folks expected to march in the Newsom's convoy: Leading things off is the mayor's Lincoln town car, ahead of the mayor's convertible, and followed by marchers in “Mayor's pride t-shirts” which will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of Stonewall. Since whomever fired off this material from the mayor's office seems to have copied elements of it from the 2008 release, it's possible that the infamous hybrid SUV will be the lead vehicle, not the town car.

Going in a completely different direction is Public Defender Jeff Adachi, who will be riding in a white Chevy big bed dump truck — “We're too poor to afford a float,” notes Adachi, who has been engaged in a long-running game of “budget chicken” with Newsom and his allies on the board. “We'll have 100 in our contingent with several banners,” continued Adachi. “You'll know us because we'll be blasting 'Fight the Power' (by the Isleys) and John Lennon's 'Power to the People.' We'll also have t-shirts with our signature quote: 'Getting you off since 1921.'”

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