Prop. 34: California Keeps Death Penalty, Once Again Shows It's Not as Liberal as Some Think

California: that big blue state that handed President Obama 55 easy electoral college votes and gave his campaign more money than any other state. The state on the brink of Democratic supermajorities in both the state Assembly and Senate, that contains a voting population in which registered Republicans make up less than 30 percent. It's the state whose governor once lived on a commune.

You can't blame somebody in the outside world for thinking our state is little more than a collection of hippies, gays, hoodie-and-jeans-wearing techies, latte-sipping Hollywood elites, Jeff Spicolis, and of course, lots and lots of brown people. In short, a liberal paradise. A state filled with the folks the tricorn-hat-wearing types want to take their country back from.

But, somehow, we keep proving them wrong. And Tuesday was a prime example: California voted against repealing the death penalty, a policy that has sat at the heart of liberal orthodoxy for years.

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