Prop. 8 Trial — Constipated No More

Remember the Prop. 8 trial that started in San Francisco in January starring Judge Vaughn Walker (gay) and featuring David Boies (liberal) and Ted Olson (conservative)? The trial that has been on hiatus longer than the presentation of evidence?

It might actually start again.

We might know more sometime today.

Late on Tuesday the Milk of Magnesia managed to break down the rock-hard stool that has been lodged in the courtroom's colon for three months. Equality California (EQCA) and the ACLU were being pressured by Walker to produce internal documents shared during the 2008 campaign against Proposition 8. The organizations resisted and challenged the request but Walker wouldn't budge. On Monday, just before the constipation was eased, Walker threatened to fine the groups if they didn't produce the documents. If that isn't Milk of Magnesia, I don't know what is.

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