Props to Gov. Arnold for Blocking Sneaky Treasure Island Driving Toll

You know that dope-ass island in the center of the bay with the great views and interesting history? Oh, that's right, you don't. 'CAUSE NO ONE FUCKING GOES TO TREASURE ISLAND! As if we need any more reasons to NOT visit the place, the SF city douches just tried to slip a $5 toll for even driving onto the former World's Fair site.

Let me be the first to say, “Thanks, Governator, and fuck you, SF wonks! Treasure Island is deserted and underused enough. Way to try and disproportionately tax the poor for visiting it. Take your command economy and shove it up your ass!”

From the Gate:

The congestion-pricing scheme would have levied an estimated $5 fee on cars driving on and off the island during commute times. … Schwarzenegger vetoed AB1543 on Oct. 14 as the year's legislative session came to a close, stating that any new fees – including the car toll, a proposal requiring island homeowners to buy a transit pass and new parking fees – should go to the ballot.

Here's my favorite pro-city quote:

“”The city has hundreds and thousands of fees assessed all the time; if you had to go to the voters for all of them, government would simply shut down,” Cohen said.”

That's probably because the city SUCKS at providing services! Let me refer you to our schools problem. — David Downs

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