Protesters Attempt to Block Eviction of Disabled Woman From Google Lawyer's House

Neighbors and anti-eviction activists have been rallying since 6:00 a.m. to attempt to prevent the eviction of a tenant of Jack Halprin, a lawyer for Google, in the Mission District, Mission Local reports. Halprin's attempts to evict the tenants at 812 Guerrero, a seven-unit building he bought in 2012, have become a symbol of tech-industry driven displacement.

Two of the tenants, teachers Claudia Tirado and Even Wolkenstein, have been outspoken and active in fighting their Ellis Act evictions, thus far successfully. 

But Rebecca Bauknight, the 59-year-old tenant threatened with eviction today, suffers from mental illness and has been unable to effectively fight her eviction, her neighbors say. She received a notice to vacate by June 10 from the Sheriff's Department, inspiring activists with Eviction Free SF and other tenant groups to rally to keep her in her home. 

Mark Nicco of the Sheriff's Department would't confirm or deny to SF Weekly whether the department would attempt to carry out the eviction today. He said that once a notice of eviction has been issued, the department can enforce an eviction order anytime after the deadline. On Twitter, activists proclaimed that they would remain in place until Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi calls off the eviction.  

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