Protests Disrupt Global Climate Action Summit

Demonstrators block the entrance of the Global Climate Action Summit, claiming the conference is all talk and no action.

Political leaders and delegates attending Gov. Jerry Brown’s Global Climate Action Summit had a difficult time getting in to the conference Thursday morning. That’s because several hundred protesters successfully blockaded the summit’s main Moscone Center entrance, decrying what they call “Jerry Brown’s hypocrisy on climate change.” While conference attendees could still use other Moscone Center entrances, the demonstration did block the main Howard and Third Street entrance to the event.

“We have shut this summit down from the outside,” demonstrator Dallas Goldtooth of the Indigenous Environmental Network told the crowd. The blockade was the culmination of a march that started at 7 a.m. Thursday morning, and blocked rush hour traffic in the South of Market area.

“Gov. Brown’s administration has issued more than 20,000 permits for oil and gas drilling in California,” protest organizers said in a release. “Gov. Brown’s promotion of continued fossil fuel production, carbon trading markets and other incentives to oil, gas and other polluting corporations, perpetuates climate change.”

It’s fair to note that some of the sponsors of the summit could be considered “polluting corporations.” Above we see an ad that McDonald’s promoted on Facebook, and yes, McDonald’s ‘Scale for Good’ campaign is a Global Climate Action Summit sponsor. Other summit sponsors include Amazon, Wells Fargo, United Airlines, and Bank of the West.

Joe Kukura, SF Weekly


“These are the same companies that are caging our children right now. These are the same companies that are trying to build that wall,” said Kitzia Esteva-Martinez of Causa Justa.

Gov. Brown did recently sign an order to make California a 100 percent renewable energy state, but the measure has no legal enforcement mechanism. So the effort is merely symbolic. And to the demonstrators who gathered Thursday, the Global Climate Action Summit is seen as another merely symbolic effort.

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