Protests Over BART Shooting Shut Down Civic Center Station During Evening Commute

Update 8:03 p.m. Seems like protesters are leaving the cable car turnaround area. Powell Street station remains closed, but — knock on wood! — things seem to be finally winding down. We'll sign off for the evening. Hope everyone gets home safe. Update 7:51 p.m. A picture of riot police at the cable car turnaround at Fourth and Market, courtesy of Eric C. of Transbay Blog. Cable cars are not operating between Market and Washington streets because of protesters. Radio scanner chatter is requesting tactical units remain in place for “next little while.”

Update 7:25 p.m.
Sounds like maybe this thing isn't quite wrapped up. Scanner chatter has 100 protesters gathered at the cable car turnaround. But, on the brighter side, Civic Center is now fullly reopened for entry and exit. Powell station is still shut down.

Update 7:14 p.m.
Web editor Jake Swearingen checking in. From BART Police and Fire radio scanner chatter, it sounds like protesters are attempting to block off Fourth and Market. Entry gates are closed at Powell, where trains will be emptied. Civic Center station will also not allow passengers in. BART will offload trains at these stations, but no commuters will be allowed in. SFPD is still following the protesters.

Update 6:51 p.m.
Protesters are walking down Market Street and Van Ness Avenue with seven SFPD motorcycles trailing them. They are occasionally shouting “murderers” in an attempt to keep the momentum going. Although it appears they are just getting a little tired, and quite frankly, so are we. Good luck getting home!

Update: 6:35 p.m.:
16th Street BART station is closed and protesters are leaving. They are marching down Mission, knocking over trash cans, and blocking traffic. There's a small group of BART police trailing the protesters.

Updated: 6:33 p.m.: 

The protesters have moved on to 16th Street Mission station. There, SF Weekly's Caroline Chen reports, about 60 of them are distributing leaflets and chanting “We are all Charles Hill.” Station announcements are telling commuters that trains will not be stopping. Some don't; some do.

Updated, 6:16 p.m.:

At Powell station, about 100 protesters are chanting “pigs” and “murderers” at SFPD riot and BART police on the train platform. SF Weekly's Caroline Chen reports seeing officers from SFPD and BART.  
Updated, 5:53 p.m.:

SF Weekly's Caroline Chen reports that the Powell station is not letting commuters enter. “It's exit-only now. Because Civic Center is closed, everybody flooded over to Powell, and the platforms are so crowded that the station is not letting anyone else in. The protesters aren't chanting, but there's a lot of pissed-off people.”

Original Post: 
“Station is closed. Trains are not stopping.”

That update comes just moments ago from SF Weekly's Caroline Chen, who is tracking events for us at the Civic Center BART Station, where 100 or so protesters have succeeded in their mission to disrupt the evening commute. They are attempting to send a strong message to BART police over the recent shooting where two officers killed 45-year-old Charles Hill on July 3.

At 5:20 p.m., Chen reported that the Civic Center station had been shut down. Chen estimates that 100 protesters — chanting “No justice! No peace! Disband the BART police!” — had assembled on the Civic Center train platforms. There they were met by BART security officers, two or so at every train door.

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