Quaker Oat Man a Liar, Lawsuit Claims

With low-hanging fruit such as Froot Loops and Crunchberries already targets of litigation accusing cereal makers of making exaggerated health claims, a Bay Area lawsuit now takes on Quaker granola bars, an oily, sugary concoction touted as nutritious food.

But San Diego barrister Greg Weston says he's no toucan hunter, and protests he shouldn't be put in the same box as lawsuits claiming sugary cereal buyers believed they were paying for fruit. To wit: Weston actually got Quaker Oats to admit in a March 15 filing that the company had advertised trans-fatty granola bars as containing zero grams of trans fats.

“I think there's a big difference. The Kellogg suit involving Froot Loops and Crunchberries; I thought those suits were silly. Here we're talking about a company that's falsely arguing the product contains zero grams of trans fat, when they actually have trans fat,” said Weston, who has filed a potential class-action suit in San Jose district court on behalf of a pair of Northern California men. “It is not really plausible that people would think [Crunch Berries] were really berries. There aren't any crunchy berries that I know of.”

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