Quentin Kopp Sues Feds Over Trump Jr.’s Security Budget

The former state senator is on a quest to discover how much taxpayer money was spent on protecting Donald Trump Jr. during a business trip.

San Francisco Ethics Commissioner and former-Supervisor Quentin Kopp on Tuesday sued the U.S. Secret Service for failing to answer how much taxpayers spent on Donald Trump Jr.’s trip to India earlier this year.

Kopp, also a former state senator and retired San Mateo Superior Court judge, sued over the Secret Service’s failure to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request he filed in February. He filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in San Francisco, centering it around Trump Jr.’s visit to India in February to promote real estate sales.

The Trump Organization made about $15 million in one day while the cost to the Secret Service is unknown, according to the lawsuit. Trump Jr. also initially planned to deliver a foreign policy speech, which raised further charges of a conflict of interest.

“For a president who boasts about his personal wealth and donating his salary, it is inconsistent for taxpayers to foot the bill for his adult children’s security on private business trips,” Kopp said in a statement. “The Trump Organization can and should pay for those costs. Taxpayers should not.”

The Secret Service wrote back to Kopp in May to say the request was too broad. At the end of the month, Kopp wrote back to say he disagreed but added further detail and request a response within 30 days either with information or to clearly say the request has been denied.

Two and a half months later, Kopp has not received a response and filed the lawsuit to have it declared unlawful. The lawsuit also seeks the originally requested records and to pay for his attorney fees.

SF Weekly first got to know Kopp in 2017 when he sent handwritten hate mail to News Editor Nuala Sawyer. The year before, he wrote to NPR’s Tamara Keith — another female journalist — to tell her that he found her “nauseating,” and that fellow reporter Audie Cornish had a “moronic schoolgirl response.”

It’s worth noting that Keith received the message on a paper with the letterhead “FYI from Q.L.K.” while SF Weekly got a piece of regular letter pad paper. Even through hate mail, Washington D.C. elicits more respect than his home region.

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