Rain, Wind and Fire

After weeks of dry weather, light rain is predicted to arrive Tuesday.

As fires rage across Southern California and much of the state hopes their area isn’t next, some light rain is predicted for Tuesday night.

San Francisco has a 60-70 percent chance of rain likely starting around midnight, according to National Weather Service spokesperson Matt Mehle. Dec. 2 marked the last rain and brought in a mere .02 inches.

Some lingering showers could bleed into Wednesday’s morning commute, but there isn’t much rain expected. There is, however, some wind coming.

Since Oct. 1, San Francisco has seen 3.16 inches of rain, or 46 percent of normal, says Mehle. The city had 8.16 inches of rain, or 120 percent of normal, during the same period last winter.

“Simply put, we’re far off where we should be,” Mehle says. “At this rate, it’s not looking good.”

Meanwhile, the Thomas fire has burned 271,000 acres of Ventura and Santa Barbara counties, destroying more than 1,000 structures, the Los Angeles Times reports. Winds helped Southern California set a record this month for the longest consecutive period of fire weather warnings.

Without a strong signal like El Nino last winter, San Francisco is not expected to reach its normal amount of rain that could point to cooler weather helping the fires. The next rain may not come until it gets close to Christmas. 

“There’s still a lot of winter left, though,” Mehle says.

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