'Rally' Today — in Bar — To Keep 49ers in S.F.

If ever there's a man to liken shepherding a development to completion in San Francisco to pulling teeth, Mike Antonini is him. He's been a planning commissioner for eight years — and he's a dentist.

So Antonini understands the San Francisco 49ers' frustration with developing a stadium plan here, and the team's attempt to flee to Santa Clara. But he says the South Bay plan a crap deal — and he'll explain why to anyone who cares to share a beer with him at a “rally” tonight at 6 p.m. at Pete's Tavern in Mission Bay. (Pete's is anticipating 50 to 100 attendees; since the dictionary definition of “rally” invokes a “mass meeting,” that term may be a stretch).

Antonini's arguments in favor of a Hunters Point stadium sound a lot like rationales as to why San Francisco is a more convenient place to live than Santa Clara in general: There's more mass-transit here and it's simply a more centrally located site. But he also adds that the Santa Clara site — even if approved by voters in June — is still short $300 million to $400 million in investment funds. The city's stadium plan — which is still in the process of certification despite the Santa Clara machinations — has an 11:30 date today at the Planning Commission. Antonini boasts that, unlike Santa Clara's potential debacle-to-be, the city plan doesn't call for any private funds. 

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