Rating of State's Filthiest Beaches Set To Be Released Tomorrow — But Here's How S.F. Is Doing In Realtime

At a press conference Wednesday on Alameda's Crown Beach, members of the environmental outfit Heal the Bay will release their 2009 Beach Report card, grading the state's 500 beaches from A to F based upon the levels of harmful bacterial infestation. (The site of the announcement is either fitting or ironic based upon what the environmentalists say; locals grew up regarding Crown Beach as the place where all the detritus from San Francisco washes up).

The official grades — and listing of the state's 10 most putrid beaches — is embargoed until tomorrow. But, lucky for those of us who need to swim in the ocean now, Heal the Bay keeps meticulous week-by-week ratings of hundreds of beaches, including 17 in San Francisco (Did you know there were 17 beaches in this city?).

So, here's the good news: 14 of the S.F. beaches receive an A or A+ grade when it comes to not being infested with harmful bacteria. The bad news: Fort Funston (by the Lake Merced Overflow) gets a gentleman's B while a pair of Ocean Beach locales (by Pacheco and by Vicente) out-and-out flunk.

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