Rebel Cabbies Ponder Legal Challenge to Medallion Sale Plan

​Cabbies unhappy with the mayor's plan to raise money by selling scarce taxi permits — known in the industry as “medallions” — are pondering a possible legal challenge claiming the plan's unfair to hacks who'd hoped to get one for free.

“Obviously there's a lot of support for taking taking legal action because what the [Municipal Transportation Agency] is doing in the first place, on grounds of fairness, is atrocious,” said Mark Gruberg, a spokesman for United Taxi Cab Workers, a dissident cabbies union. “They're going from a system by which drivers can get medallions without having to pay a fortune of money, to a system where drivers have to shell out $250,000, possibly more. … We have looked at some of the legal issues, and think we may have grounds to start a lawsuit.”

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