Remembrance of Things Dreary: Welcome Back to 1993

What follows are actual entries from a tiny, mysterious 1993 diary discovered at the Goodwill at 822 Geary by former SF Weekly Copy Editor Vicky Walker. As the year opens, our anonymous diarist is splitting time between San Francisco and Santa Cruz. The author is a fast-food enthusiast and frequent patron of the Gangway bar in the Tenderloin, which he or she often professes to hate.

Friday, Jan. 1: Dinner with Betty. Trip to San Lorenzo river. Tire rolling downstream.

Friday, Jan. 15: Very heavy rain. Electricians at Burger King.

Friday, Jan. 29: Trip to Burger King. Bagel. Much confusion.

Tuesday, Feb. 2: Back to SF. Why has neighborhood become such a dumping ground for drunken bums?

Saturday, Feb. 6: Cloudy day. Dinner with Betty. Arthur Ashe dies.

Thursday, Feb. 18: Heavy rain. Trip to Presidio. Encounter in Goodwill. Funny incident in Walgreens. Sales slip.

Tuesday, Feb. 23: Plan. Change plan. Keep putting the pieces together. Have people in Apt. 21 moved out. Good example of what I want, don't want.

Wednesday, Feb. 24: Burger King. Thinking about homeless. Coach show about steroids.

Friday, Feb. 26: Gangway with Johnny, Neil, Jim. Bomb in World Trade Center.

Saturday, Feb. 27: Check for $34,750 — when? What for?

Tuesday, March 4: Burger King.

Wednesday, March 10: Dizzy spells. Heart beating too fast. Drunk in wheelchair at Lark & Post.

Saturday, March 13: Bad scene in Jack in the Box. Good lesson. Trip to Stanford — still can't find grave.

Thursday, March 18: Another day with little done.

Friday, March 19: Another bad day. Not getting it done. Gangway not too bad.

Monday, March 22: Strange girl at Carl's Jr.

Friday, March 26: Overcast day. Bought new toaster.

Saturday, March 27: Very heavy rain. Huge crowds at mall. Peep hole in door — very poor job. Very discouraged.

The mysteries are piling up! What peep hole? Who lurks at Carl's Jr.? Throughout the year, we'll check back in with the anonymous diarist, unless we get too depressed to keep going. And, hey, if this is your diary, please give us a call.

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