Remote-Controlled Vibrators Are Now a Thing

So much for technology ruining relationships and driving people apart.

The Palo Alto Good Vibrations hosted an in-store product launch for the latest fruit of the Sexual Revolution, OhMiBod’s blueMotion vibrator, involving the company’s co-founder, Brian Dunham, and none other than Good Vibrations’ resident sexologist, the inimitable Dr. Carol Queen.

In case you weren’t able to zip down to Palo Alto, here’s the rundown: blueMotion is a wearable vibrator that’s controlled by smartphone (including voice control), and the latest in a long line of high-tech pleasure products that began with 2006’s iPod vibrator. With blueMotion, you may stimulate your partner while you’re across the world or in the next room, which adds a warm human element to what is currently a mechanistic way to get off.[jump]
The app is only $4.99 for the wifi enabled add-on, and it comes with five functional modes. Also, blueMotion is way less dystopian than the sex helmet Sandra Bullock puts on in Demolition Man.

And if you were totally over wearable technology, because you don’t really need a watch that talks to your phone, and Google Glass looks terrible on fashion icons, think again. The future is now, with teledildonics.


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