Rep. Speier Dumps ‘Trump Trash’ on White House

Bay Area Reps. Jackie Speier and Jared Huffman delivered National Park garbage to the White House lawn to protest the government shutdown.

Trash cans and dumpsters are overflowing with garbage at U.S. national parks, as the federal government shutdown is entering its third consecutive week. Congressperson Jackie Speier made sure some of that trash made it the White House.

Speier and Rep. Jared Huffman collected trash from the Golden Gate National Recreation Area over the weekend, as volunteers are doing at parks across the country. On Tuesday, Rep. Speier dumped some of that trash right in front of the White House.

“We’re here to say, ‘Mr. Trump, here’s your trash,’” Speier told reporters Tuesday. “We did the work of some of your employees of the National Park Service, who by the way in our area have a hard time making it because it’s such a high-cost area.”

Dumping trash in front of the White House lawn is certainly just a publicity stunt, but a clever one at that. Rep. Speier admitted as much.

“It is a stunt!” she told KQED. “We’re doing a stunt to equal President Trump’s stunt.”

Because President Trump is ignoring the consequences of his ridiculous shutdown, @JackieSpeier and are taking garbage we picked up at our national parks last weekend and delivering it him at the White House. Our message is simple: President @DonaldTrump, open the government.

Posted by Congressman Jared Huffman on Tuesday, January 8, 2019


Rep. Huffman represents California’s 2nd congressional district, which covers from north of the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon border. That district is home to Muir Woods (now closed because of the shutdown) and Redwood National Park (open, but with no visitor services).

“What we need is for President Trump to wake up and smell the coffee cups and the diapers and the burrito wrappers and the trash that is piling up,” Huffman said Tuesday. “Soon we’ll have enough of it to build a wall.”

The trash was shipped across country using “traditional shipping methods,” according to McClatchy Newspapers. (Dog poop and dirty diapers were reportedly removed.) The trash was ultimately cleared away from the front of the White House, which ironically, is also maintained by the very National Park Service that is not being paid during the shutdown.

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