Riders Rolling with Muni's Punches

People love to bitch about Muni. You very rarely hear anyone mention their joyous — or even normal — ride to work. That's because Muni is a collective complaint; the bond that ties us together.

Imagine the masked joy people experienced on May 8, when Muni's overall services were reduced by 10 percent. For those who relish complaining about Muni, this was a gold mine.

On that date, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency scaled back the frequency of its bus and rail routes in order to close its beast of a budget gap. The slash is expected to save about $28.5 million — although county funds and potential concessions by the drivers' union could scale back the scaling back.

And yet, on several recent Muni journeys around the city, we had a hell of a time finding riders eager to bitch about how much worse things are now than prior to May 8. Muni riders are accustomed to delays and standing on top of each other. What's 10 extra minutes every now and then, many asked.

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