Right-Wing Pundits Go Nuts Over 20-Year-Old Feinstein Hand Notes

This ya gotta love. Conservative commentators are squealing with delight over a video Fox News managed to unearth that reveals California's Sen. Dianne Feinstein scrawled a note on her hand during a 1990 debate with former Republican Gov. Pete Wilson. Calbuzz reports that Feinstein's preferred bons mots were “growth, education, choice.” Compare that to the ever-batty Sarah Palin's palm notes at a recent Tea Party conference — “energy, budget tax cuts, lift American spirits” — and you get a rather succinct picture of these two public figures' stated priorities.

But the all-sinister-seeming footage uncovered by Fox prompts another question: Does Feinstein, whose hand appears highlighted in an eerie orb of light, have the ability to shoot electricity from her fingertips?

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