Robin Williams: Security Guard Protecting Benches and Plaque

San Franciscans shocked by the sudden and tragic death of Robin Williams have tried to find solace by visiting relevant sites around our city. Some have formed an impromptu memorial at the “Mrs. Doubtfire Home.” His comedic brethren gathered at 408 Clement, former site of the Holy City Zoo, the club where Williams transcended local fame into superstardom. 

Others, however, gathered at his former San Francisco home in Seacliff. An observer on scene tells your humble narrator that Williams could have gleaned much material from watching their behavior. 

Williams dedicated a nearby plaque and bench to the memory of his deceased parents. A security guard was yesterday on site to ensure no mourner-turned-ghoul made off with them. 

[jump] The guard was “in a black car. He was not hidden. He was badged up. And you were meant to see him.” 

Hopefully just the sight of the guard will be enough to ensure common decency. There is a meaning, after all, to the term “rest in peace.”

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