Ron Paul Won't Legalize Marijuana — Because He Can't

As if the promise to dismantle most of the Washington-based government wasn't enough, Texas Congressman Ron Paul has also made waves in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination with his maverick stance on drug policy.

During his 30 years in the House of Representatives, Paul has authored and co-authored multiple marijuana-friendly bills. He's proposed laws to decriminalize marijuana, permit industrial hemp farming, and constitutionally delegate to states how to enforce extant medical marijuana.

None of these bills have ever been heard in committee. Nonetheless, Paul's drug war bona fides are earning him admirers among liberals who note that Paul is the only candidate to remotely approach the two points necessary to end the Drug War: Repealing, or at least amending, the Controlled Substances Act, and a rescheduling of marijuana within the DEA's pantheon of forbidden fruits.

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