Rose Pak's Vulgar Display of Power

The video of power broker Rose Pak's triumphalist tongue-lashings of the city's elected officials as they rolled beneath her feet at the Chinese New Year's parade is enjoying its 15 minutes of Internet fame.

Online commentators relish heaping scorn upon San Francisco when our attempts at progressive enlightenment backfire. But now they're missing their real opportunity. In this city, those who go to the trouble of being democratically elected must ritualistically and publicly supplicate themselves to a backroom kingmaker who isn't even registered to vote. This vulgar harridan then publicly harangues them with stinging, personal critiques. These rebukes aren't particularly funny or clever, but are then described as “a roast.”

It seems San Franciscans don't know the meaning of a “roast.” When Chris Daly said the only San Francisco politician more besieged by black cocks than Mark Leno is Ed Jew, it was nasty — but that's the kind of shit you say at a roast. Pak, instead, offered our elected leadership unvarnished and often disturbingly accurate appraisals of their shortcomings, or simply stated what they needed to do to stay off her shitlist.

As is so often the case, the very funniest moment involved poor Eric Mar. 

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